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Clan Ventrue are the "blue bloods", the self-proclaimed rulers of all vampires and mortals.
They seek to lead by any means necessary – manipulating the weak, destroying the strong.

This deck is a toolbox with a stable defence both in reaction cards and combat, and a "lock and bleed" offence capable of explosive turns when the opportunity arises.

Crypt (6 cards)
1 Alexa Draper
1 Alice Chen
1 Amelia Locke (New card)
1 Kevin Jackson (New card)
1 Madison
1 Naomi Stewart

Library (49 cards)
2 Blood Doll
1 Dominate
2 Life in the City
1 Misdirection
2 Dominate Kine
4 Enchant Kindred
1 Fourth Tradition: The Accounting
1 Fifth Tradition: Hospitality
2 Mind Numb
1 Restoration
1 Slaughtering the Herd
2 Social Charm
1 Political Ally
4 Conditioning
1 Daring the Dawn
5 Freak Drive
1 Seduction
6 Majesty (New art)
2 Soak
4 Deflection
2 Second Tradition: Domain (New art)
3 Wake with Evening’s Freshness
4 Produits

Fiche technique

JCE. Langue
JCE. Produits
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