Clan Tremere are vampiric warlocks, masters of rituals of Blood Sorcery.
Their powers make them arrogant and deadly, and they always lust for more occult lore.

This deck takes a defensive stance, taking advantage of its vampires' psychic powers.
It weakens its enemies with persistent attrition and Blood Sorcery combat skills.

Crypt (6 cards)
1 Abraham DuSable (New card)
1 Ayelech
1 Chrysanthemum
1 Lloyd Brooks
1 Mason Ha (New card)
1 Trevon Parker

Library (49 cards)
1 Arcane Library
2 Blood Doll
1 Chantry
1 The Fragment of the Book of Nod
1 The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper
1 Magic of the Smith
6 Scouting Mission
2 Bonding
2 Threats
1 Flaming Candle
1 Ivory Bow
1 Sniper Rifle
3 Apportation
2 Blood Fury
2 Rego Motum
2 Telepathic Tracking
5 Theft of Vitae
2 Enhanced Senses
2 Eyes of Argus
3 Forced Awakening
1 Melange
1 Precognition
2 Spirit’s Touch
4 Telepathic Misdirection

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